Cannabis Safety First (CSF) provides security consulting, system sales, safety consulting, community outreach, educational awareness training programs on site, safety packaging and more... 

Active Violent Intruder

CSF provides consulting and in service training awareness techniques and tactics programs. Training for physical and psychological tactics during intrusions through our proprietary

Violent Intruder Counter Escape (V.I.C.E.) program. This program introduces the Run Hide Fight methodologies to survive an aggressive/ violent intruder encounter. A great program for  businesses, residential, retail and commercial sites. 

TurnKey Security Surveillance Systems 


TurnKey BioMetric cloud based security systems, sales, installation, training, service, monitoring, overlays, plans, systems consulting and lunch and learn demos. Schedule yours today, 614.655.8423.

Custom Vaults and Safe Rooms


CSF proudly partners with an established international custom built vaults & safe rooms company bringing you top line security  systems. We custom build to accommodate your needs and wants.

Product Safety Packaging


State-by-State cannabis packaging & labeling laws. Consulting and educational awareness training programs and in-service classroom training for safety issues surrounding safety packaging through our proprietary Responsible Parenting Practices (RPP) program.

Event Speaker / Training Programs



Event Speaker available for seminars, conferences, expos and special events . Train the Trainer Programs... contact  614.655.8423

Safe Traffic Offense Practices


CSF provides a class room and on hands training seminar on our proprietary Safe Traffic Offense Practices (S.T.O.P.). Participants are taught both the perspectives of what Law Enforcement Officers and vehicle occupants may be thinking during a routine traffic stop. The course covers actions, behaviors and communication skills from both perspectives with mutual compliance. This awareness program is for students to experienced  drivers, passengers and patrol officers.


Our full service Hemp and Cannabis TurnKey solutions provides all aspects from application filing to retail operational status. Services include license applications filing, real estate assistance, equipment needs, training, security, branding, associates, banking, legal, consulting and more to fit all your needs to be fully operational.

Facility Security Consulting

Security consulting for dispensaries, cultivation, processing, packaging, research, retail, business, residential and educational facilities. In-service and on site training programs. Lunch and Learn demos for facility security turnkey biometric cloud based security surveillance systems. Stealth systems available. CSF covers various technical security issues from physical barrier options, interior asset training practices and asset transfer solutions. At CSF we help provide a safer work environment through our training methodologies for the security of your assets and safety of your personnel.

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