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Security Systems

CSF partners with an international known security services company to provide biometric cloud based facility security surveillance, monitoring and alarm systems. We custom build to your needs to keep you program compliant. Custom fencing available complimenting your turnkey security system. 

Custom Vaults and Safe Rooms


CSF proudly partners with an established international custom built vaults & safe rooms company bringing you top of the line security and safety systems.We custom build to accommodate your needs and wants.

Compliant Safety Packaging


CSF partners with a nationally recognized cannabis packaging company keeping you packaging compliant. CSF provides consulting and educational awareness training programs through our proprietary in-service classroom program "Responsible Parenting Practices" (RPP).

Event Speaker 



Event Speaker available for seminars, conferences, expos and special events. 

Training Programs

State compliant/accredited Security & Safety training programs for Dispensaries, Cultivators, Processors, Testers and more. Proprietary educational awareness classes help keep you and your employees safe and program compliant providing a well informed safe and secure work environment.

Safe Traffic Offense Practices

CSF provides a classroom and hands on training seminar on our proprietary "Safe Traffic Offense Practices" (S.T.O.P.). Participants are exposed to the perspectives of what Law Enforcement Officers and vehicle occupants may be thinking during a routine traffic stop.The course covers actions, behaviors and communication skills from both perspectives with mutual compliance.This awareness program is set for transport associates and Law Enforcement Officers.

Active Intruder

CSF provides in-service training awareness methodologies and tactics training programs. CSF addresses physical and psychological tactics during intrusions through our proprietary

"Violent Intruder Counter Escape" (V.I.C.E.) program. This program introduces the "Run Hide Fight" methodologies to survive an aggressive/violent intruder encounter and incident de-escalation methodologies. An awareness program for Dispensary, Cultivation, Processing, Testing, Businesses Offices and other facility sites.

Responsible Parenting Practices


"Responsible Parenting Practices" (R.P.P) focuses on the safe practices of keeping products out of harms way to children. A simple educational awareness lesson covers commonsense practices to ensure these safe measures. Compliant packaging standards and product handling practices set a positive image of the industry as a whole. This course also covers Dispensary package handling practices from staff to patients. 

Safety Associate Program


CSF Safety Associate training program provides soft, safe and simple approaches to proving a safe and secure work environment for your facility and employees. Front line contacts often escalate or deescalate unexpected incidents with possible costly expenses.This program teaches methodologies to avoid or work with these incidents.